It Was All Positive Frequency On July 13th

Throughout centuries and cultures, the horseshoe has represented good luck.  And so it was on July 13, 2017 when our streetwear clothing brand, Threads of Dreams, hosted its first mixed clothing and music event at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario.  Good luck, good feelings, good performances were plentiful.  The artistically dark atmosphere of the venue sparked the imaginations of guests and performers alike.  When the lights went low, the vibe went high; the room reverberated with conversation, laughter, and a pleasing variety of musical notes.  Indie acoustical and hip hop were the theme of the night:

Franco Lopresti started off the night with a cool lyrical mix of Indie folk guitar.

Next up, was Juice Bruns and his band, offering their unique blend of indie and hip hop.

The showcase performance by Jett Bailey delivered all that was promised and more.  Jett revved up the crowd with his moving verse and vibrating beats.

The purpose of the Positive Frequency event was to spread positive vibes to the community, encourage individuals – performers at the event as well as those who attended -- to chase their dreams, emphasize the journey, and focus on achieving their goals. Your happy life all starts with dreaming, but you have to have a plan.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and celebrate the Threads of Dream movement, until next time, keep dreaming!

4131 Prentice Common, Burlington, ON, L7M 0B4



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