Threads of Dreams Introduces Motivational Video Series

Life is one of the best teachers. It will put you into a variety of situations, all of which act as lessons for our future. Some obstacles are difficult to overcome, but having faith within one’s own merits is what turns the impossible into the attainable.

To continue to accomplish the mission of inspiring people to chase their passions, Threads of Dreams, has begun creating a video series that not only tells their own journey, but that also focuses on sharing the stories of others who have overcome their struggles and obstacles. When face to face with adversity, attack your fears, as fear is often an illusion that our mind creates. We are faced with choices on a daily basis, and each decision we make has an impact on our destiny. Choose passion and fulfillment, because life is far too short to settle.

Watch the introductory video titled “Write Your Destiny” here. Stay tuned for the release of the next story within the series.

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